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FROM: $220

Departure Times

Departs: 8:00am - Daily
Returns: 4:30pm - Daily

Pricing Options

$220 AUD per Person - Adult Snorkel (Between: 01 Apr 2019 and 31 Mar 2020)
$270 AUD per Person - Adult + 1 Certified Dive (Between: 01 Apr 2019 and 31 Mar 2020)
$300 AUD per Person - Adult + 2 Certified Dives (Between: 01 Apr 2019 and 31 Mar 2020)
$320 AUD per Person - Adult + 3 Certified Dives (Between: 01 Apr 2019 and 31 Mar 2020)
$145 AUD per Person - Child Snorkel (4-16yrs) (Between: 01 Apr 2019 and 31 Mar 2020)
$195 AUD per Person - Child + 1 Certified Dive (10-16yrs) (Between: 01 Apr 2019 and 31 Mar 2020)
$225 AUD per Person - Child + 2 Certified Dive (10-16yrs) (Between: 01 Apr 2019 and 31 Mar 2020)
$245 AUD per Person - Child + 3 Certified Dive (10-16yrs) (Between: 01 Apr 2019 and 31 Mar 2020)
$215 AUD per Person - Child + 1 Introductory Dive (12-16yrs) (Between: 01 Apr 2019 and 31 Mar 2020)
$270 AUD per Person - Child + 2 Introductory Dives (12-16yrs) (Between: 01 Apr 2019 and 31 Mar 2020)
$290 AUD per Person - Adult + 1 Introductory Dive (Between: 01 Apr 2019 and 31 Mar 2020)
$345 AUD per Person - Adult + 2 Introductory Dives (Between: 01 Apr 2019 and 31 Mar 2020)

Join Tusa for an amazing and unforgettable day of snorkelling and diving on the beautiful Great Barrier Reef

Tusa offers guests the chance to snorkel and dive on some of the most beautiful reefs in the world, right off the coast of Cairns. Tusa will take you to their favourite reefs to see diverse corals and marine life unlike anywhere else in the world for the experience of a lifetime! 

Snorkel or dive in the Great Barrier Reef at some of the best dives sites in and around Cairns with Tusa. In the 2,000km expanse that is the Great Barrier Reef, the T6 is the latest vessel in a distinguished line of Tusa Dive's custom built crafts.  As the only boat in Cairns with a roaming permit, you will get to see all the best places for whatever conditions may come your way.

Tusa takes divers and snorkellers out onto some of the world's most beautiful reefs, just 90 minutes outside of Cairns for an unforgettable one day, fun-filled tour. You'll take advantage of the maximum number of hours on the Outer Great Barrier Reef, snorkelling or diving on the most spectacular sites around. The Tusa Dive team will choose the best sites for your day from 16 different locations to ensure you make the most out of your day. You'll get to see beautiful coral gardens, dramatic drop-offs and isolated pinnacles with diverse and amazing marine life and corals. T6 is a specially designed, dedicated dive boat with state of the art navigation and communication equipment, on board compressors, spacious back deck areas and transoms that open onto water level platforms for easy entries and exits. While it's surveyed to fit 120 people, you'll be comfortable with only 60 other people on board, with room to roam and enjoy the ride.

TUSA Dive Features:

  • Fresh, healthy, and tasty buffet style lunch
  • Intro dives are 1-4 ratio with instructor for optimal learning and safety 
  • Four years running as Best Regional Australian Dive Boat 
  • Spacious vessel 
  • Morning and afternoon tea
  • Quality snorkelling equipment
  • Quality scuba equipment and dive computers
  • Wetsuit and/ or lycra skins
  • Prescription masks if required
  • Free guided snorkel tour
  • Reef talk Presentation
  • Air-conditioned interior
  • Lounge style seating
  • 25 years experience 
  • Professional photographer on board
  • Hot freshwater showers on board
  • Do two certified dives and get your third free!

The Outer Great Barrier Reef is a snorkellers paradise, with thousands of kilometres of reefs to explore. Tusa has the latest in snorkelling equipment, with quality masks, fins and lycra suits for your comfort. With flotation devices available, you will be able to relax as you drift or swim around, checking out all the amazing beautiful that lies below. Our guides will get in the water with you and show you around, pointing out the different species of coral and marine life around you. We can even take a life ring with us, so that we can tow you along as you relax and enjoy the ride. 

Scuba Diving
Tusa's T6 is a specially designed dive boat, ideal for both introductory and certified divers. You will have the chance to dive up to three times in two different reefs during your day trip. The Outer Great Barrier Reef offers a vast variety of marine life and landscapes to explore under water for the scuba adventure of a lifetime! The Tusa dive team is happy to show you the ropes and show you the secrets of the reef as you cruise around below the surface. Whether it is your first time or not, you will feel as ease with the practiced and qualified team on board Tusa. Please note certified divers are required to provide their Certification Cards upon boarding and all divers must fill out a medical questionnaire. 

With 25 years of experience on the books, Tusa welcomes both scuba divers and snorkellers on board to explore the Outer Reef and discovery the beauty of the Great Barrier Reef up close and personal. 

Please ask us about dive course options.

Sample Itinerary

  • 8:00am daily departure from A Finger, Marlin Wharf, Cairns
  • A 1.5 hour trip to the Outer Reefs
  • Four to five hours at the reef - two unique locations
  • Certified divers - Choice of 2 or 3 dives
  • Introductory Divers - Choice of 1 or 2 dives
  • 4.00 - 4.30pm return to Cairns

Departs/ Returns

  • Departs: 8:00am Ex Cairns
  • Boarding: 7:40 am at A Finger, Marlin Marina, Cairns
  • Returns: 4:00 - 4:30pm 

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What To Bring

Swimmers, towel, camera, money for boat, hat, sunscreen

What's Included

  • Guided snorkel tour fresh and healthy buffet style lunch
  • Morning tea & self serve tea and coffee
  • Quality snorkel equipment Wetsuits and lycra skins
  • Prescription masks if required Reef Interpretation presentation

What's Extra

  • Optional return transfers Cairns City $18.00 and Northern Beaches $25.00

Please read the following questions carefully:

Do you currently have an ear infection?
Do you have a history of ear disease, hearing loss or problems with balance?
Do you have a history of ear or sinus surgery?
Are you currently suffering from a cold, congestion, sinusitis or bronchitis?
Do you have a history of respiratory problems, severe attack of hayfever or allergies, or lung disease?
Have you had a collapsed lung (pneumothorax) or history of chest surgery?
Do you have active asthma or history of asthma, emphysema or tuberculosis?
Are you currently taking medication that carries a warning about any impairment of your physical or mental abilities?
Do you have behavioural health problems or a nervous system disorder?
Are you or could you be pregnant?
Do you have a history of colostomy?
Do you have a history of heart disease or heart attack, heart surgery or blood vessel surgery?
Do you have a history of high blood pressure, angina, or take medication to control blood pressure?
Are you over 45 and have a family history of heart attack or stroke?
Do you have a history of bleeding or other blood disorders?
Do you have a history of diabetes?
Do you have a history of seizures, blackouts or fainting, convulsions or epilepsy or take medications to prevent them?
Do you have a history of back, arm or leg problems following an injury, fracture or surgery?
Do you have a history of fear of closed or open spaces or panic attacks (claustrophobia or agoraphobia)?
If any of these conditions apply to you, you will require a Divers Medical Certificate before you can scuba dive.

Terms and Conditions

All departures and itineraries are subject to weather. Tours may be changed or cancelled for any reason at the discretion of the Tour Operator. It should be noted that adventure travel involves risk. Whilst we make every effort to safeguard clients, we cannot be responsible for personal injury or loss due to actions of our clients which are beyond our control. We recommend that all clients have travel insurance covering illness, injury, loss or damage to personal belongings and not being able to travel on the confirmed date of departure. Please be aware operators pass on credit card merchant fees so there is a non-refundable 2.5% surcharge for VISA and MASTERCARD card purchases.


​All cancellations made result in 25% cancellation fee of the recommended retail price (RRP), not discounted or sale prices. Any cancellations made 60-30 days prior to travel will result in a 50% cancellation fee and any cancellations made inside of 30 days to departure will result in forfeit of full trip fees. If the sailing company has to cancel the trip (prior to the boat's departure) and we cannot offer a suitable alternative, then a refund will be given minus card fees. We strongly recommend that you have travel insurance, especially during the wet season.

Please note it is the responsibility of ALL passengers travelling to advise both your travel agent at the time of booking and vessel check-in agent before boarding of ANY medical conditions including food allergies you may suffer from.

Thank you for booking with Mr Travel/Sailing Whitsundays. If you would like any advice or assistance in arranging accommodation, transfers or additional tours, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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